Leaving the Nest

“Mother, I’ve decided.  I’m moving out,” said Robin Lefler. “Oh?” said Morgan Primus. “I’m an adult, and it looks bad that we’re still sharing quarters.  I can’t have men over.” “Mmm,” said Morgan, vaguely disinterested in Robin’s sex life. “I’m going, and I won’t be back.” “Does Captain Calhoun know?” “Mother!” “You’ll have your ownContinue reading “Leaving the Nest”

Robin’s Dream

“Mother, wake up!” Morgan Primus rolled over in bed to face her daughter, Robin Lefler.  “Whatever’s the matter, dear?” “I had a dream…” “Mmm.” “…I was an actress, and I was in a holoproduction, and I was famous, and I was married to Wesley Crusher!” “Mmm.” “Wesley Crusher!  I haven’t thought of him in years! Continue reading “Robin’s Dream”

The Vault

“We’ve identified one of the bodies.” Elizabeth Shelby looked skeptical.  “Which one?” Artifacts collected across the galaxy over the past two centuries crowded every alcove.  At the far end stood three cryogenic tubes.  Frozen within were the bodies of three things, once intelligent beings now turned into something else, inhuman and cybernetic — Borg. “TheContinue reading “The Vault”

Drabble-y Goodness

What is a drabble, you ask? A drabble is a short story of precisely one hundred words. No more. No less. I write drabbles for fun. Usually as a writing warm-up exercise. Occasionally for profit, when for Pocket’s Strange New Worlds VI contest two years ago I submitted many drabbles for consideration. (Come to thinkContinue reading “Drabble-y Goodness”

Vacation and Shore Leave

Over the weekend I attended the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore, Maryland. I started going in 2000 and it has become something of an annual tradition. This year, however, was the first where I attended as a guest, due to the publication of Ring Around the Sky and a story in the No Limits anthology,Continue reading “Vacation and Shore Leave”

Allyn's Crackpot Theory: Why Zak Kebron Wears a Gravity Belt

It’s stated in one of the earlier New Frontier books that Zak Kebron needs to wear a gravity belt to function in the lower-than-Brikar-normal gravity (i.e., Earth gravity) environment of the USS Excalibur. That doesn’t make a lot of sense; humans can function tolerably well in the zero-gee environment of low Earth orbit, and theContinue reading “Allyn's Crackpot Theory: Why Zak Kebron Wears a Gravity Belt”

Allyn's Crackpot Theory: The New Frontier Chronology

A slightly heretical thought here. Is “Double Time” even necessary in Star Trek: New Frontier continuity anymore? If you ignore the reference in Double or Nothing to the Dominion War being over, and treat that novel as following immediately on the heels of Once Burned‘s framing story, then New Frontier continuity lines up roughly whereContinue reading “Allyn's Crackpot Theory: The New Frontier Chronology”

New Star Trek: New Frontier News

While this piece of news was announced several weeks ago on several Star Trek news websites, I’ve held off making the announcement here until the story in question was finished. I was asked to submit a short story for the upcoming Star Trek: New Frontier anthology, No Limits, due out this October. New Frontier, forContinue reading “New Star Trek: New Frontier News”

Before Korsmo

I was looking at Michael Jan Friedman’s Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Reunion for the first time in many years and noticed something. Morgen of Daa’V, who had served with Picard aboard the Stargazer, also served as Captain of the USS Excalibur. It’s clear how this fits with Star Trek: New Frontier. Morgen steppedContinue reading “Before Korsmo”