On Today’s WordPress Annoyance

As much as I love WordPress, it can be a serious pain in the ass sometimes. Like today. Today was a pain-in-the-ass WordPress day. I’m a stat nerd, and today was not a good day for a stat nerd. I couldn’t access my site stats provided by a plugin. Every time I tried, WordPress toldContinue reading “On Today’s WordPress Annoyance”

On October’s Web Stats

Before we start looking forward to November, let’s take a look back at October and what people wanted to know from allyngibson.net. 🙂 First up, I had 10,925 distinct visitors for the month. Which works out to roughly 360 a day, give or take. Wednesday is the least visited day of the week, versus SaturdayContinue reading “On October’s Web Stats”

On the June’s Statistics

Another month gone, which means a month’s worth of statistics to delve into. What were the hot topics at allyngibson.net for the month of June? Let’s look first at search phrases: beatles remasters 2009 (109) dr who lego (75) anakin skywalker’s father (47) lego dr who (35) the beatles remasters 2009 (29) abducted by theContinue reading “On the June’s Statistics”

On April’s Statistics

It’s a dreary day, I have laundry in the washing machine, and I’m in a writing-avoidance mode. Which is as good an excuse as any to discuss what people were interested in from me for the month of April. 😉 Some jiggery and pokery with Analog accomplished, here’s what we’ve got. The top search phrasesContinue reading “On April’s Statistics”

Spreadsheets? Gah!

No, this isn’t the “State of my life” post promised on Saturday. That’s still drafting. I will, however, share some thoughts on spreadsheets. I hate them. All told I’ve spent ten hours, spread across three days, building a spreadsheet array. Right now it’s 18 sheets deep. What the array does is take sales information, thenContinue reading “Spreadsheets? Gah!”