Midnight in Pennsylvania

At midnight, my neighbors started shooting off guns. I assume it was neighbors. Maybe not my direct neighbors, but someone in the area. Maybe on the other side of the hill. The point is, someone right nearby started off the new year in style, with small arms fire. For myself, I’d been watching episodes ofContinue reading “Midnight in Pennsylvania”

Space Brings Back Boyish Wonder

There’s a Carbon Leaf song that’s an especial favorite of mine — “Blue Ridge Laughing” from Ether-Electrified Porch Music has this magnificent line: “Space brings back boyish wonder.” I cite it from time to time, especially on clear nights when you can see clear into infinity, such as here or especially here: The sky tonightContinue reading “Space Brings Back Boyish Wonder”

Party of Eight

This year I’ll be spending Thanksgiving by myself. I don’t have family nearby, and publishing doesn’t stop just because there’s a holiday; Friday I’ll be hip deep in getting January’s catalog out the door, long-distance travel to see family (only to have to turn around) simply doesn’t make sense. Don’t worry about me. I haveContinue reading “Party of Eight”

The Semi-Colon Is Never Not Stylish

About a year ago I had to edit some copy a colleague had written for the catalog. It was a thoughtful, well-written piece, and it also happened to run over five hundred words, which was about two and a half times the number of words that would fit into the space we had on theContinue reading “The Semi-Colon Is Never Not Stylish”

The Itch to Build

In my closet there’s an ammunition crate, painted red. It’s where I keep my LEGO bricks. There are LEGO bricks in that crate that are older than some of my coworkers. No, I’m not kidding. There are some LEGO boat pieces (that float on water) that I know date from the late 1970s, and IContinue reading “The Itch to Build”

Taglines and Theme Music

Over the last five, six, maybe eight years, people have asked me about my blog’s tagline. (Which is also my personal email sig, by the way.) Scroll up to the top of the blog, and there, in a Tolkien-inspired font, you’ll see it. “‘Made of awesome and Guinness and bright shiny pennies…’ What does thatContinue reading “Taglines and Theme Music”