On Other Needed LEGOs

Three weeks ago I’d mentioned how some phrases kept turning up in my search logs, phrases related to LEGO Doctor Who. Strangely, after writing about the need for LEGO Doctor Who products, people stopped “asking.” Go figure. Howsomever, LEGO searches have remained popular. Just from the last week: LEGO Batman Killer Croc LEGO Frodo StarContinue reading “On Other Needed LEGOs”

On Narrative Conventions

About a week ago the Washington Post ran a feature article on Michael Ondaatje, author of The English Patient. He’s released a new novel, Divisadero, and the article examines Ondaatje’s working methods: He begins with fragmentary images or situations — a plane crashing in the desert, say, or a bedridden man talking to a nurseContinue reading “On Narrative Conventions”