On Disappointment in Marvel Studios’ Thor

I don’t go to the movies very often. Five years ago, I would go at least once a month. Sometimes, during summer blockbuster season, multiple times a week. Now, I go to the movies maybe twice a year. In 2010, i saw Sherlock Holmes on New Year’s Day and The Chronicles of Narnia: The VoyageContinue reading “On Disappointment in Marvel Studios’ Thor”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

Captain America/Thor: The Mighty Fighting AvengersMarvel ComicsWritten by Roger LangridgeArt by Chris Samnee This is why comic books exist. Present-day Thor and World War II Captain America are transported back to the time of King Arthur so they can fight a four-headed dragon and keep Loki from claiming the Holy Grail. If you read comicContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

It’s been a fair few months since I did one of these comic book reviews… Thunderstrike #2 Marvel Comics Written by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz Art by Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema Six months ago I wrote that Marvel Comics was bringing back Thunderstrike. A spin-off of Thor in the mid-90s, Thunderstrike was aboutContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

Thor and the Warriors Four Marvel Comics Written by Alex Zalben Art by GuriHiru In my efforts to turn myself into a Thor fan, I recently picked up Marvel’s digest reprint of a mini-series from earlier in the year, Thor and the Warriors Four. Many know the stories of the Thor’s heroic battles alongside theContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Marvel Comics’ New Thunderstrike

I mentioned recently, when looking at some Thor comics reading, that Marvel Comics was bringing back early-90s Thor spin-off character Thunderstrike in a new series by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. Eric Masterson, an architect and single father, was, for a time, Thor. Then he became separated from Thor and Thor became Thor again (no,Continue reading “On Marvel Comics’ New Thunderstrike”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

I have a long-standing habit, I call it the “binge read.” In college, I went on binge reads of Philip K. Dick and Larry Niven and Orson Scott Card and Ernest Hemingway, where I would gather as much of an author’s body of work as I could, and then I would read all of itContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Delving into Marvel Comics’ Thor

On paper, I should love Thor. Norse mythology? The Viking age? Absolutely fascinating to me. I’ve read the Volsung Saga, the Poetic Edda, the Greenland and Iceland sagas. I’ve listened to Wagner’s Ring Cycle in its entirety several times (even though I don’t speak a word of German). Northlanders is a comic I look forwardContinue reading “On Delving into Marvel Comics’ Thor”