Coffee Bars

Owen frowned.  Pubs he liked.  Coffee bars he didn’t.  The college kids in turtlenecks, the young professionals on their laptops — he’d lived this life and outgrown it.  He wanted a drink — bourbon or scotch — not a made-up Italian word for a fancy coffee. He heard Tosh through his earpiece.  “You’re on topContinue reading “Coffee Bars”

Madame Vastra and Doctor Who Spin-Offs

After last night’s Doctor Who, the clamor for a spin-off series starring Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax the Sontaran has resumed. We met these characters in the sixth season in “A Good Man Goes to War.” Vastra is a Silurian who was awoken from her aeons-long slumber in Victorian London and set herself up aContinue reading “Madame Vastra and Doctor Who Spin-Offs”

More on Doctor Who Spin-Off Thinking

A couple of weeks ago, I mused on potential Doctor Who spin-offs. I’m not the only one. SyFy’s Blastr website yesterday posted an article on the five modern Who characters who deserve spin-off series: River Song Liz X Canton Everett Delaware III Sally Sparrow Martha Jones Let’s set aside the fact that the last twoContinue reading “More on Doctor Who Spin-Off Thinking”

On New Doctor Who Spin-Offs

On occasion, I have interesting brainwaves. Take yesterday. Over on TrekBBS, there’s a thread running on what the next Doctor Who spin-off should be. You can click the link if you want, but I promise you won’t find much of interest; the ideas being tossed around amount to continuing The Sarah Jane Adventures with ClydeContinue reading “On New Doctor Who Spin-Offs”

On My 2011 Shore Leave Schedule

We come to it at last, the great battle of our times. No, wait. That’s not right. Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup. No, that’s not it, either. Oh! I’ve got it! Next weekend, July 8th through 10th, in Hunt Valley, Maryland, is Shore Leave, a science-fiction and fantasy convention.Continue reading “On My 2011 Shore Leave Schedule”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

Let’s talk comic books! It’s a rainy day, so why not? 😉 Star Trek: The Official Motion Picture Adaptation #5 IDW Publishing Written by Mike Johnson & Tim Jones, based on the screenplay by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman Art by David Messina with Claudia Balboni, with inks by Gaetano Carlucci A year after J.J.Continue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Magnificently Mental Musings

As some of you know, I have a theory about where Russell T. Davies, henceforth RTD, is taking Doctor Who before he’s done next week. My theory is that it involves RTD pressing a Reset Button on his way out the door. The reasons are both narrative and personal. It lets RTD have his spectacleContinue reading “On Magnificently Mental Musings”

On the Good Things About Today

Today was one of those days. Rather than dwell upon the reasons for today’s craptaculence, why not look upon all the things that made today great? Umm… Oh! I got rained on! Three weeks ago, Charm City had turned into East Seattle, and it rained for days upon days. Then, the rains departed, the weatherContinue reading “On the Good Things About Today”

On Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day Four & Day Five

And now, after the brief pause for Shore Leave, we return to Torchwood: Children of Earth. Mid-way through Day Four, I thought I saw where the story was going. Jack Harkness would find a way to deal himself back into the political games surrounding the Four-Five-Six, who made their appalling demands at the end ofContinue reading “On Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day Four & Day Five”