On the Road

Today begins Shore Leave, a science-fiction convention I attend every July just north of Baltimore. And so, I am on the road, from Raleigh to Baltimore. It’s a long, lonely road, enlivened by the craziness of the Washington mixing bowl, the hecticness of the traffic on I-95 from Fredericksburg north. Fun, fun times. Tonight’s programmingContinue reading “On the Road”


Paramount announced recently “Regeneration,” a late-season Enterprise episode in which Earth scientists discover wreckage of a Borg sphere buried under a glacier in the Arctic. Borg drones are found aboard, they reactivate, and much wackiness ensues, ultimately drawing Jonathan Archer and his crew into the fray. The reaction of fans on bulletin boards and UsenetContinue reading “Regeneration”

On the Borg and other stuff

This isn’t a comprehensive compendium of my thoughts on the Borg, which I may or may not write later as time allows. Jay Hailey wrote: How would assimilated “Drones” be controlled? And still retain their own identity underneath? I think the drones’ original identities are semi-aware of their status. They simply cannot do anything aboutContinue reading “On the Borg and other stuff”