Investigative Cemetery Explorations

After a couple of mild winters, this year has brought the snow. Since the beginning of the year, I think there’s been a snowfall at least once a week, and for most of the last month there’s been snow on the ground. It hasn’t been warm enough to melt the last snow, and the nextContinue reading “Investigative Cemetery Explorations”

The First Snow of the Season

Three hours. It took three hours to get home from work tonight. Diamond announced that they were closing at 4 o’clock today due to the inclement weather. I was close to wrapping a project at 4, and at 4:15 I dropped the text for a catalog section for January’s catalog on a desk in Purchasing.Continue reading “The First Snow of the Season”

The Great Bomb Cyclone of 2018

There are things you don’t want to feel while driving. Your car, moving 60 miles an hour, shoved about three feet to the left is one of those things. The commute home wasn’t bad. At least in the Baltimore-York corridor, the Great Bomb Cyclone Blizzard of 2018 was a lot of sound and fury, signifyingContinue reading “The Great Bomb Cyclone of 2018”

Dispatches from Narnia

You might have heard, the East Coast has been blanketed by a massive snow storm since yesterday. As I write this, despite the insistence of my phone that current weather conditions are “Fog,” snow still falls on Pennsylvania. There’s roughly 20 inches of snow on the ground, possibly more. The office closed yesterday at 3Continue reading “Dispatches from Narnia”

On Heavy Rain and Transit Nightmares

Today I took a nap. That was not in the day’s plan. The day’s plan included going to work. Unfortunately, the weather and MTA Maryland had different ideas in mind. In the mornings, when I drive to work, I reach an intersection where I have a choice to make. Go left, and I get onContinue reading “On Heavy Rain and Transit Nightmares”