On Kentucky Zombies, Take Four

I planned on making a response in the comments to Kae in Winchester, Kentucky. It seems, instead, that “promoting” what I want to say to a full-fledged post would be a better idea as others from Winchester have left comments as well, and addressing them all in one fell swoop would serve a better purpose.Continue reading “On Kentucky Zombies, Take Four”

Still more on Kentucky Zombies

And now William Poole has had his first day in court: “A chilling and sometimes violent account of a school takeover raised eyebrows during a hearing in Clark County District Court Tuesday afternoon. What’s still unclear is whether 18-year-old William Poole’s journal entries were a fictional story or details of a plan to recruit aContinue reading “Still more on Kentucky Zombies”

More on Kentucky Zombies

The Student Press Law Center provides more information on William Poole, the Kentucky high school student charged with making “terroristic threats”– George Rogers Clark High School student William Poole, 18, was arrested and detained after his grandparents found materials he authored and called police, said Clark High principal John Atkins. [SNIP] “The boy’s version wasContinue reading “More on Kentucky Zombies”

On Kentucky Zombies

This belongs in the annals of stupidity. A Kentucky high school student was arrested as a possible terrorist for writing a short story about zombies attacking a high school. From the article: Winchester police say William Poole, 18, was taken into custody Tuesday morning. Investigators say they discovered materials at Poole’s home that outline possibleContinue reading “On Kentucky Zombies”