On Daft Doctor Who Theories

Doctor Who fandom is beside itself, trying to read the tea-leaves, trying to predict “Journey’s End.” And that means theorizing. Oh, it’s a capital mistake to theorize in advance of the evidence, and it’s doubly daft to theorize in defiance of the evidence, but that’s never stopped anyone. Least of all me. Yet, sometimes, evenContinue reading “On Daft Doctor Who Theories”

On My “Journey’s End” Theories

I’ve been doing some thinking about how “Journey’s End,” the fourth season finale of Doctor Who, will end. Naturally, this post will contain spoilers. And, for future reference, I’m going to write them down. 🙂 I should note, of course, that my track record with Doctor Who theories is not good. I thought the rumorContinue reading “On My “Journey’s End” Theories”

On Someone Who Should Play the Doctor

For some reason I do vocal impressions. Kermit the Frog. George Harrison. John Hurt. No, I have no idea why anyone would ever want, or need, a vocal impression of John Hurt, but if you got the skills… 😆 While driving home from work yesterday evening something on NPR had me thinking of, of allContinue reading “On Someone Who Should Play the Doctor”