Five Years After My Grandmother’s Funeral…

Facebook reminded me this morning that five years ago today was my grandmother’s funeral, just as on Saturday morning it reminded me that she passed away a hemidecade ago. I knew this was coming; a few weeks ago Facebook showed me pictures from Shore Leave 2011 (including John de Lancie and an experiment in makingContinue reading “Five Years After My Grandmother’s Funeral…”

Looking Back Ten Years

Ten years ago today, an adventure (of sorts) began. My grandmother and I took a trip from Baltimore to Raleigh. I’ve never really spoken about that trip as I’ve found it an uncomfortable — and somewhat painful — subject. My grandmother, as some know, suffered from dementia in her final years. At the time ofContinue reading “Looking Back Ten Years”

On My Grandmother’s Death and Funeral

Last Saturday morning, July 23rd, my grandmother passed away. It was not a surprise. Her health, especially mentally but in recent months physically as well, had been in decline for years, and in the spring I knew her end would arrive soon. She was unaware of things at the end. She went in peace. TheContinue reading “On My Grandmother’s Death and Funeral”

On Christmas Shopping for my Grandmother

Today, I bought Christmas presents for my grandmother. Buying presents for my grandmother is difficult because it is pointless. Anything important is lost upon her, anything useful would go unused. Her birthday, which falls on Christmas Eve, is even more difficult; she understands that the day is someone‘s birthday, but she cannot recollect that itContinue reading “On Christmas Shopping for my Grandmother”