On Twitterology and WordPressery

I have a Twitter account. I barely use it. I always forget about it. Yes, I have crossposters to move content from my blog to Twitter by Tweeting a link back to my latest post. Yes, I have a widget for Opera that lets me access Twitter easily with a nice windowed interface. I forgetContinue reading “On Twitterology and WordPressery”

On the Christmas Weekend

A hectic week at the office this shall be. I can already sense it, like a great disturbance in the Force. There’s nothing wrong with that; staying busy is a good thing. 🙂 It was a LEGO holiday. My sister and her husband gave me the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, which will prove invaluableContinue reading “On the Christmas Weekend”

On October’s Web Stats

Before we start looking forward to November, let’s take a look back at October and what people wanted to know from allyngibson.net. 🙂 First up, I had 10,925 distinct visitors for the month. Which works out to roughly 360 a day, give or take. Wednesday is the least visited day of the week, versus SaturdayContinue reading “On October’s Web Stats”

On Formatting for the iPhone

Mobile devices, capable of browsing the Internet, are becoming more and more commonplace, and to make it easier for people on a mobile device, like an iPhone, I’ve had a mobile plugin for WordPress in my install, the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin, to reformat the blog into something mobile friendly. Earlier in the week, IContinue reading “On Formatting for the iPhone”

On the Questions People Ask

In the next day or two, I’ll put up a complete breakdown of August’s webstats for allyngibson.net, but in the interim, I thought I’d point out a couple of interesting things I’ve seen come through from Google in the past week or two of search phrases people are using. alan moore star trek. I don’tContinue reading “On the Questions People Ask”

On New Visitors and the Like

For reasons that pass beyond my understanding, I’ve recently seen a 250% increase in the traffic to my website. I’m looking at my own behavior, as regards the website, in the past two or three weeks. I changed the website theme. I’ve been posting less. Could these be reasons? One’s choice of website layout canContinue reading “On New Visitors and the Like”