Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The 34th Rule

In The 34th Rule, Armin Shimermann and David George have crafted the finest DS9 story ever told in any medium, be it television or novels. This is the novel that, even if you hate DS9, you will love to read; it works at a frantic pace and deals with deep matters in a rational way. This is the ultimate Quark story; here Quark isn’t the bumbling fool he’s been portrayed as for so long on the series, instead we see him as a character with real dramatic potential who is put into the middle of an explosive situation and has to find a way to survive and overcome. Simultaneously, the novel returns us to the political maneuverings on Bajor which have fallen by the wayside on the series and deal with the political climate adroitly. If you haven’t bought this book yet, you’d be well-served if you did, and you’ll thank me for it later.