Star Trek Drabbles

Ghosts of the Past

She knew the face — the finely etched lines, the slicked back hair, the sallow skin — but the familiar yellow eyes had none of the depth she remembered.

“You seem familiar,” he said, aware of her attention.  He scrutinized her face.  “Do I know you?”

“No,” she said.  “I thought you were someone I loved once, but I see now my mistake.  Have you a name?”

“I am called B4,” he said.

She smiled.  “I wish you well.”

Thank you,” he said as inclined his head, a gesture she knew all too well.

With great sadness Rhea McAdams watched him go.

Historical Irony

“I do not understand this noise your friend Zefram enjoys,” said T’Liis.  Something about a “Magic Carpet Ride” emanated from the jukebox.

“He calls it ‘music.’” Lily Sloane looked at Cochrane passed out nearby.  “Zef’s music isn’t my style.”  She pushed two buttons and kicked the jukebox in the side.

The guitar wailing stopped abruptly, replaced by the plaintive voice of a woman.

“This is not unpleasant.  You call these musicians ‘bands’?”

“This band’s called ‘T’Pau.’  ‘Heart and Soul’ is my favorite song.”

T’Liis arched an eyebrow.  “‘T’Pau.’  A fitting name for a daughter.”

Lily shrugged.  “If you say so.”

Leaving the Nest

“Mother, I’ve decided.  I’m moving out,” said Robin Lefler.

“Oh?” said Morgan Primus.

“I’m an adult, and it looks bad that we’re still sharing quarters.  I can’t have men over.”

“Mmm,” said Morgan, vaguely disinterested in Robin’s sex life.

“I’m going, and I won’t be back.”

“Does Captain Calhoun know?”


“You’ll have your own cabin?”

“I’ve resigned.  Leaving Starfleet completely.”

“Wherever are you going, dear?”

“I’m joining an interplanetary circus.  Learning the art of swinging from a trapeze could open whole new worlds for me.”

“Sounds nice, dear. Be sure to write.”

Robin stamped her feet as she left.


From:� Satie, Norah, Rear Admiral

To:� Picard, Jean-Luc, Captain

In light of recent actions undertaken by yourself and the Time Lord known as the Doctor on stardate 37141.5 in halting and destroying the Krynoid foliage overrunning the Berengaria VII colony, you are hereby authorized for detached assignment aboard the Doctor’s craft known as the TARDIS, with a full report on all activities while on assignment due to Admiral Gregory Quinn or his successor on stardate 40250.0.

Personal Addendum:� Truthfully, I envy you, Jean-Luc.  I read Dorcy’s journals long ago and dreamed many times of traveling with the Doctor.  Godspeed, Captain.

Written for dw100‘s “Bloom” drabble prompt

Perils of the Heart

Had Quark known that falling in love would prove so traumatic, he might have reconsidered.  But affairs of the heart were a fickle thing, and from the moment he first laid eyes upon her he was smitten.

In the aftermath of the assassination of the Bajoran First Minister and Kira’s abrupt departure, she suggested consummating their relationship, and he was powerless to resist her charms.

If only he hadn’t been so eager.

She leaned over him, her face contorted into a disconcerting leer.  “I am the master,” Ro Laren whispered as she stroked his lobes, “and you will obey me.”

Robin’s Dream

“Mother, wake up!”

Morgan Primus rolled over in bed to face her daughter, Robin Lefler.  “Whatever’s the matter, dear?”

“I had a dream…”


“…I was an actress, and I was in a holoproduction, and I was famous, and I was married to Wesley Crusher!”


“Wesley Crusher!  I haven’t thought of him in years!  I wonder where he is…”

Morgan frowned.  “You’re not, Cheshire.  It was only a dream.”

“I know, but it seemed so real.”

“Don’t be silly.  Dreams aren’t real.  You know that.”

“Yes, mother.”

“Go back to bed.  Have you any idea what time it is?”

The Other First Duty

Simon Cooper went through the Academy and rose to be the navigator of the Enterprise-D. Wesley Crusher was on the bridge getting the glory and not even trained for the job.

“Simon!” Wesley said, “you won’t believe what happened today!”

“I couldn’t guess.”

“An spatial anomaly opened in our flightpath, and a space worm emerged!  Captain Picard ordered Red Alert.  Data seized up, and were it not for me we’d have died! I received a commendation in Captain Picard’s log!”

A commendation. The glory should have been Cooper’s.  “Duty calls.”

“I understand.”

Cooper’s first duty was to eliminate Wesley Crusher.

The Vault

“We’ve identified one of the bodies.”

Elizabeth Shelby looked skeptical.  “Which one?”

Artifacts collected across the galaxy over the past two centuries crowded every alcove.  At the far end stood three cryogenic tubes.  Frozen within were the bodies of three things, once intelligent beings now turned into something else, inhuman and cybernetic — Borg.

“The human one.”  Genetic testing had established that over a century before.

“You’ve located his family?”

“We’ve located him.  An exact genetic match.”


“Cadet Sean Hawk, Starfleet Academy.”

Shelby could only wonder how an Academy cadet became a Borg over two hundred years in the past.

War Correspondence

I can only hope you’ll receive this letter, with the station in Cardassian hands.

I thought today, and not for the first time, all this was because of you.  Perhaps I should have been left in limbo.  Perhaps you should have lived out the life you’d made.  None of this happened.  No war.  No casualties.  Only fifty years of an uneasy stalemate.  And you the writer you always wanted to be.

I can’t blame you, and I was wrong to, even briefly.  The man who made that choice never existed.  You’re my son.

See you soon.  Stay safe.

Love, Dad