Doctor Who: The Knight, the Fool, and the Dead

Steve Cole’s novel The Knight, the Fool, and the Dead, the first book in BBC Books’ Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious project, was in my shipment this week. I knew from reviewers that the book was short — maybe more novella length (ie., under 45k) than a full novel. I don’t think I was preparedContinue reading “Doctor Who: The Knight, the Fool, and the Dead”

Thoughts on “The Day of the Doctor”

Years ago, a little more than a decade now, EB Games put me and thirty-odd other managers through a pilot management training program. Our instructor was a man by the name of Harry Friedman. He had created a sales management training program, and EB wanted to see if it would work for the company. IContinue reading “Thoughts on “The Day of the Doctor””

The Year of Two Doctors

The Radio Times had a curious article this morning. As we know, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who at Christmas, to be replaced by Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It). It turns out that Smith had a plan to continue with the series, and it turns out Steven Moffat said no. Matt Smith had workedContinue reading “The Year of Two Doctors”

On Doctor Who Casting News

The news has broken on casting for November’s Doctor Who anniversary special — in addition to John Hurt, the special will also guest star David Tennant and Billie Piper. Fandom, naturally, is sharply divided. There is wailing that there’s no Eccleston from the new series. Classic Doctor Who fans are wailing that the pre-new seriesContinue reading “On Doctor Who Casting News”

On Doctor Who, the Celestis and The Eyeless

While Doctor Who fandom this weekend has been preoccupied with questions of predestination and Amy Pond’s flirtatiousness thanks to “Space” and “Time,” the two Doctor Who mini-episodes produced for Comic Relief while waiting for the season debut in five weeks, I’ve had other Doctor Who thoughts in mind, specifically about a two-year-old Doctor Who novel,Continue reading “On Doctor Who, the Celestis and The Eyeless”

On Sorting Out the Doctor Who Comics Chronology

Of interest probably only to myself, I’ve been trying to work out a chronology of the Doctor Who comics set between “Journey’s End” and “The End of Time.” From the Doctor’s perspective, in what order did they occur? Here’s what I’m currently thinking, with television adventures bolded… “Journey’s End” “The Time of My Life” (DoctorContinue reading “On Sorting Out the Doctor Who Comics Chronology”

On Counterfactual Doctor Who Musings

Over the weekend, with the world still in the afterglow of “A Study in Pink,” Sherlock‘s debut episode, reports began to surface in The Sun and The Daily Mail that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch had been offered the role of the Doctor after David Tennant decided to leave. Really? The Sun? Really? The Daily Mail?Continue reading “On Counterfactual Doctor Who Musings”

On Doctor Who’s “The End of Time”

The trouble with being a writer is that, occasionally, I’ll try and outthink a story as I’m reading it or watching it. Neil Gaiman wrote about this very thing in an introduction to a story or a novel I read a few years ago, that because he’s a storyteller, he knows the tricks and heContinue reading “On Doctor Who’s “The End of Time””

On Doctor Who and Narrative Perspective

Before this website becomes a Doctor Who-free zone for the week, because I don’t want to think about what I watched on BBC America last night, I wanted to share an observation and insight I’ve had. For a very long time, going back to the spring, I’ve thought that Russell T. Davies might not showContinue reading “On Doctor Who and Narrative Perspective”