On Christmas Eve Reflections

I’m out of town this weekend for the Christmas holiday, visiting friends and family in North Carolina. Yes, even atheists celebrate Christmas. 🙂 I thought I’d go to the archives and share two Christmas Eve stories. I used to be a store manager for EB Games, first in Pennsylvania, then in North Carolina. Christmas EveContinue reading “On Christmas Eve Reflections”

On Dreams of EB Games

I dreamt last night of EB Games. I was in my store, in Cary. I was alone in the store. Presumably, it was before I unlocked the door. Early morning, then. My store was… odd. The fixtures were big, bulky, wooden things. No other EB Games store looked like mine. The walls were brown. TheContinue reading “On Dreams of EB Games”

On the Christmas Weekend

A hectic week at the office this shall be. I can already sense it, like a great disturbance in the Force. There’s nothing wrong with that; staying busy is a good thing. 🙂 It was a LEGO holiday. My sister and her husband gave me the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, which will prove invaluableContinue reading “On the Christmas Weekend”