On Random Facebook Philosophizing

Today has been a great day for comments on Facebook. Usually there’s no reason to ever remember a comment made on Facebook — Facebook is such a transient thing, after all — but today I made two that I thought with pithy and important and worth remembering. The first has to do with GameStop. DeusContinue reading “On Random Facebook Philosophizing”

On the Next Lord of the Rings Game

Today I went to GameStop. I’d gone out to Barnes & Noble, in search of the new issues of MOJO and Uncut, but all I could find were last month’s issues, and while I found a Sherlock Holmes book I wanted, I eventually put it back on the shelf. (I also noticed that my BarnesContinue reading “On the Next Lord of the Rings Game”

On Putting an End to GameStop’s Neediness

I received an e-mail from GameStop this evening… Dear Wayward GameStop Customer, We miss you. And we’re worried. There must be some reason why you haven’t been responding to our emails. We’re wondering if you still want them – bursting with the latest from GameStop: Exclusive game trailers GameStop exclusive bonus items Events at storesContinue reading “On Putting an End to GameStop’s Neediness”

On Illinguistic E-mails

There are times I’m glad I no longer work for EB Games/GameStop. Opening up my e-mail inbox today was one of those times. Here’s the subject line: Hugenormous Savings at GameStop! “Hugenormous”? Whiskey tango foxtrot? It doesn’t roll off the tongue, not the way “ginormous” does. How do you pronounce that? “Hug… enormous”? “Hew… gee..Continue reading “On Illinguistic E-mails”

On Long Gestating Pre-Orders

So, the plug finally got pulled. Duke Nukem Forever is dead. Gone. Kaput. Will never see the light of day. Yahoo! had an article on their front page, about a gamer who had an eight-year old pre-order on the game. It doesn’t surprise me. The EB Games I managed outside Philadelphia had four or fiveContinue reading “On Long Gestating Pre-Orders”

On Games and Nostalgia

Dear GameStop employees, You can blame me. It’s my fault. No, really, it is. kthxbye! Oh, wait. You’re wanting me to explain that, aren’t you? You bounder, you cheat! Well, okay then. I was at the mall this afternoon. I was looking for the new issue of MOJO at Borders. Mostly I wanted the secondContinue reading “On Games and Nostalgia”