On Putting an End to GameStop’s Neediness

I received an e-mail from GameStop this evening… Dear Wayward GameStop Customer, We miss you. And we’re worried. There must be some reason why you haven’t been responding to our emails. We’re wondering if you still want them – bursting with the latest from GameStop: Exclusive game trailers GameStop exclusive bonus items Events at stores … Continue reading On Putting an End to GameStop’s Neediness

On Illinguistic E-mails

There are times I’m glad I no longer work for EB Games/GameStop. Opening up my e-mail inbox today was one of those times. Here’s the subject line: Hugenormous Savings at GameStop! “Hugenormous”? Whiskey tango foxtrot? It doesn’t roll off the tongue, not the way “ginormous” does. How do you pronounce that? “Hug… enormous”? “Hew… gee.. … Continue reading On Illinguistic E-mails