On Hugh Laurie's SNL

Hugh Laurie, of Blackadder, Jeeves & Wooster, and House fame, hosted Saturday Night Live tonight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t especially funny. Laurie’s monologue was amusing. The joke he made about being “bottom” in the Royal Shakespeare Company was quite inspired (even if the audience seemed slow on the uptake). The skit based on Most Haunted wasContinue reading “On Hugh Laurie's SNL”

On Television Shows

Shamelessly stolen from Ross and others: What TV show(s) do you find yourself watching the most?Presently, not that many. The only ones I’m building my week around these days are Boston Legal and House. Television, just not that important to me these days. What if any TV shows do you own on DVD?Chittering Cthulhu, thereContinue reading “On Television Shows”

On Kelsey Grammer's Second Act

F. Scott Fitzgerald said that there are no second acts in American lives. Kelsey Grammer is one of the great actors of our time. Frasier is one of the great television programs of all time. Unfortunately, Kelsey Grammer’s second act blows chunks. FOX debuted tonight Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show. Half an hour ofContinue reading “On Kelsey Grammer's Second Act”

On House

From an article in today’s Raleigh’s News & Observer entitled “Fox’s bitter medicine man a hit”– Hugh Laurie was quite likely the last person anyone imagined would star in Fox’s hit medical series “House.” Creator David Shore loved Laurie’s British sketch show “A Bit of Fry and Laurie,” but couldn’t imagine that anyone best knownContinue reading “On House”

On Mike Logan

I watched Law and Order: Criminal Intent tonight. Chris Noth–Detective Mike Logan from the first five seasons of the original Law and Order–guest-starred. I don’t usually watch Criminal Intent–Vincent D’Onofrio can be really tough to take. Truthfully, I don’t often watch any of the Law and Order series, though I used to watch every weekContinue reading “On Mike Logan”