Memorial Day at the Cemeteries

No Memorial Day parade in Dallastown yesterday — a casualty of the COVID pandemic, no doubt — so I went down to Baltimore to visit the cemeteries of my grandparents and great-grandparents and leave flags. I hadn’t been down that way since March, when I lined up the old photograph of the trolley at LoudonContinue reading “Memorial Day at the Cemeteries”

Hiking Around a Cemetery

Spring has arrived in South Pennsyltucky; as I write this, there’s a moderate spring monsoon. The last two weekends I’ve gone to a local cemetery to explore — no, I haven’t found what I’m looking for — and yesterday, I drove down to Baltimore to look once more at Loudon Park. When I was thereContinue reading “Hiking Around a Cemetery”

Scenes of Recent Life

Some photos and commentary from the last two weeks. Last Friday, November 29th, marked the 50th-anniversary of the release of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. It’s also the day that Jem Roberts’ book, Fab Fools, was in my mailbox. This isn’t a book about the Beatles as musicians. It doesn’t concern itself with whenContinue reading “Scenes of Recent Life”

Frank Delaney and Scott Simon: Their Epic Radio Friendship

After writing some words on the death of author Frank Delaney this morning, I was curious — I remembered his voice appearing on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday from time to time, so how many times did he appear? I turned to Google. The answer is six times. Stories by the Fire: Frank Delaney’s ‘Ireland’ –Continue reading “Frank Delaney and Scott Simon: Their Epic Radio Friendship”

Buying Harrisburg Senators Baseball Cards

Today I bought baseball cards. I was in Harrisburg today for the Senators game, and it was steamy — 90-plus degrees and 1500% humidity. I’m not exaggerating on the humidity. A sauna would have been less moist than City Island today. The Senators were playing the Trenton Thunder today. I noted on Twitter… The lastContinue reading “Buying Harrisburg Senators Baseball Cards”

The Mr. Holmes Trailer

Today, the latest trailer for Sir Ian McKellen’s forthcoming film, Mr. Holmes, was released: McKellen, as you see, is playing Sherlock Holmes. Based on Mitch Cullin’s novel A Slight Trick of the Mind, Sherlock Holmes is ninety-three, the year is 1947, and the Great Detective has been retired to the Sussex Downs where he tendsContinue reading “The Mr. Holmes Trailer”

The Uselessness of Fan Rage Over Doctor Who’s “Time of the Doctor”

A few days ago, the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who ended in “The Time of the Doctor.” Some people loved it. Some people hated it. And some people responded by calling for producer Steven Moffat’s head on a pike on Traitor’s Row. I had no expectations for it, but that’s because I ceased expectingContinue reading “The Uselessness of Fan Rage Over Doctor Who’s “Time of the Doctor””