Memorial Day at the Cemeteries

No Memorial Day parade in Dallastown yesterday — a casualty of the COVID pandemic, no doubt — so I went down to Baltimore to visit the cemeteries of my grandparents and great-grandparents and leave flags. I hadn’t been down that way since March, when I lined up the old photograph of the trolley at LoudonContinue reading “Memorial Day at the Cemeteries”

Hiking Around a Cemetery

Spring has arrived in South Pennsyltucky; as I write this, there’s a moderate spring monsoon. The last two weekends I’ve gone to a local cemetery to explore — no, I haven’t found what I’m looking for — and yesterday, I drove down to Baltimore to look once more at Loudon Park. When I was thereContinue reading “Hiking Around a Cemetery”

Scenes of Recent Life

Some photos and commentary from the last two weeks. Last Friday, November 29th, marked the 50th-anniversary of the release of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. It’s also the day that Jem Roberts’ book, Fab Fools, was in my mailbox. This isn’t a book about the Beatles as musicians. It doesn’t concern itself with whenContinue reading “Scenes of Recent Life”

Frank Delaney and Scott Simon: Their Epic Radio Friendship

After writing some words on the death of author Frank Delaney this morning, I was curious — I remembered his voice appearing on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday from time to time, so how many times did he appear? I turned to Google. The answer is six times. Stories by the Fire: Frank Delaney’s ‘Ireland’ –Continue reading “Frank Delaney and Scott Simon: Their Epic Radio Friendship”

Buying Harrisburg Senators Baseball Cards

Today I bought baseball cards. I was in Harrisburg today for the Senators game, and it was steamy — 90-plus degrees and 1500% humidity. I’m not exaggerating on the humidity. A sauna would have been less moist than City Island today. The Senators were playing the Trenton Thunder today. I noted on Twitter… The lastContinue reading “Buying Harrisburg Senators Baseball Cards”

The Mr. Holmes Trailer

Today, the latest trailer for Sir Ian McKellen’s forthcoming film, Mr. Holmes, was released: McKellen, as you see, is playing Sherlock Holmes. Based on Mitch Cullin’s novel A Slight Trick of the Mind, Sherlock Holmes is ninety-three, the year is 1947, and the Great Detective has been retired to the Sussex Downs where he tendsContinue reading “The Mr. Holmes Trailer”