On BBC America’s “Asylum of the Daleks” Screening

Yes, I scored tickets to BBC America’s “Asylum of the Daleks” Doctor Who screening in New York yesterday. You may have heard horror stories about acquiring tickets. My luck may be lousy in everything else, but the one time it counted the luck came through. I made two “immediate reaction” tweets. The first: “Holy fucking … Continue reading On BBC America’s “Asylum of the Daleks” Screening

On Christmas Day Music Musings

Like many atheists, I love Christmas. Richard Dawkins, for instance, says that he’s “culturally Christian” when he’s asked why he does Christmas things — the Christmas celebrations are part of the cultural DNA. Elizabeth Cornwell wrote an essay for the Washington Post about her own “Very Atheist Christmas” and it hits a lot of my … Continue reading On Christmas Day Music Musings

On The Beatles in Doctor Who

I was browsing the forums at Outpost Gallifrey the other day and came across a thread that asked, “Should Doctor Who do a Beatles episode?” That caught my attention. A clip of the Beatles appears in “The Chase” — and had the scheduling worked out the Beatles might’ve appeared in the story. Ian’s familiar with … Continue reading On The Beatles in Doctor Who

On Nerdish Insights

From an IM conversation today: mknzyCalhn: I’m racking my brain here — I’m trying to think if Doctor Who has ever done a story about cloning Scavgraphics: new earth mknzyCalhn: you’re right Scavgraphics: also, daleks Scavgraphics: aren’t the mutants clones? mknzyCalhn: well, the mutants are grown in vats, but we don’t know if they’re cloned … Continue reading On Nerdish Insights