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Some photos and commentary from the last two weeks.

Fab Fools, Jem Roberts' history of the Beatles as comedians

Last Friday, November 29th, marked the 50th-anniversary of the release of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass.

It’s also the day that Jem Roberts’ book, Fab Fools, was in my mailbox. This isn’t a book about the Beatles as musicians. It doesn’t concern itself with when John Lennon met Paul McCartney or how many takes the band recorded of “Leave My Kitten Alone” or George Harrison’s reaction to Jimmie Nicol filling in for Ringo on the tour when Ringo was hospitalized and recovering. It’s a book about the Beatles as comics, their comedy influences, and how they influenced others (like Monty Python and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and, obviously, The Rutles).

It’s very good. I’ve not finished reading it yet, and it’s really entertaining.

I’ve said very little about Time Lord Victorious, the BBC’s multiplatform Doctor Who event, partly because, due to release dates and distribution and whatnot, I haven’t been able to experience much of it. The Doctor Who Annual, not available in the US yet. Steve Cole’s novel? Same. (Well, it’s available as an ebook, but I ordered the print edition through work, and that won’t arrive until January.) The comic strip, “Monstrous Beauty,” in Doctor Who Magazine? Maybe it’ll cross the pond January-ish

But the Dalek Strategist? I know the Dalek Strategist. He was the Doctor’s “companion” in Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: Defender of the Daleks. He’s Mirror Universe Spock… as a Dalek!

Yes, I quite like that.

Entrance to FNB Field in Harrisburg, decorated for Christmas

After Thanksgiving, I went to the “Small Business Saturday” sale at FNB Field in the Harrisburg Senators’ team store. I didn’t buy a lot — some t-shirts, a hat for my niece. Mainly, it was a nice morning, and I liked getting out of my apartment for a couple of hours.

I’d never been up to Harrisburg this late in the year, so I’d never seen the stadium decorated for Christmas before.

Oh, and I asked if they had any of the 2020 pocket schedules. I was curious. I was sure they’d printed them up before the season was put on hold and then cancelled. They did! Now I have four 2020 Harrisburg Senators pocket schedules, and I’ve put them away with my World Series parade memorabilia.

Which reminds me. I need a 10×14 frame. I should go up to Michael’s sometime soon. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe Saturday? We’ll see.

Clouds over Yoe, early December

Monday was a gross, gross day. It rained all day, it was cold, and I hated it. I picked up my mail — nothing important — in a break in the rain.

The next day was much prettier, though a little chilly, and I liked the clouds over Yoe and the distant fire tower.

My Beetle

My Beetle looked cute, too.

National Cathedral calendar on the wall of my office

I went into the office yesterday. I needed to print out some paperwork for the catalog and I wanted a change of scenery to help me buckle down and wrap up some projects. While I was there, I hung up a calendar the National Cathedral sent me in October. It’s a nice looking calendar, and it smells good, too. (I work in publishing. I notice the smell of paper and ink.) The Christmas cards they sent me two weeks ago I think I’m going to keep; they’re too lovely to use.

I used a Colonial Williamsburg calendar at the office for 2020, and I think I’ll use the 2020 calendar at home instead, since at least for a little while I’ll be spending more of my time working at home instead of the office.

There was an angry moon over Red Lion when I got home from work last night.

It feels weird to see the moon so far to the north, but it’s just how astronomy and celestial motion work.

Facebook post by MCM: "Not wanting to play along with the covid fear monering or not wearing a mask DOES NOT MAKE ME A CRIMINAL! If you feel otherwise, please enjoy those feels be keeping them to yourselves."

No, friend, you’re not a criminal. But you revel in your selfishness and have an appalling disregard for others that is, frankly, immoral and inhumane. Perhaps someday the god you ostensibly follow will sit in judgment of you and find you wanting. I certainly do.

Wear a mask.

The shattered York Daily Record newspaper box.

As we enter December, the shattered wreckage of the York Daily Record newspaper box remains at the mailboxes.

I imagine that every morning since August, the paper driver for the Daily Record has driven up Walnut Street, stopped his truck, seen the shattered newspaper box, and driven on.

Frankly, can you blame him?

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