On Across the Universe Musings

I stopped by Best Buy yesterday afternoon. I saw online that they had special swag for the DVD release of Across the Universe. Naturally, I was interested. 🙂 It’s a good week for Across the Universe. Monday was Across the Univere Day — NASA beamed the song, “Across the Universe” at Polaris. Tuesday, the DVDContinue reading “On Across the Universe Musings”

On Video, Charlie Brown!

Charles Schulz’s Charlie Brown characters are some of the most visible pop-culture icons in the world today. The comic strip ran for fifty years and is being reprinted in a comprehensive edition by Fantagraphics. A series of forty-some animated specials have won multiple awards over the past forty years. Snoopy advertises MetLife. These characters areContinue reading “On Video, Charlie Brown!”

On the Morning's Reflections

Rain, not snow, is the order for the day. North of Raleigh there might be a “wintry mix”–how I love that term, one I never heard living in Pennsylvania–but here temperatures will stay well above freezing all day. Roads today will be wet, not wild. Yesterday I stopped by Suncoast Video at the mall downContinue reading “On the Morning's Reflections”

AVP: The Alternate Beginning

Alien versus Predator‘s DVD package proudly proclaims on its front, “With an Alternate Beginning never shown in theaters!” Okay. Don’t get excited. The alternate beginning is a roughly one-minute long pre-credits teaser that shows what happened the last time the Predators visited their Antarctic hunting grounds. I thought it would have been in the deletedContinue reading “AVP: The Alternate Beginning”