On March’s Greatest Hits

I haven’t done a search phrase round-up in a while. Let’s take a look at the top 20 of March. 🙂 20. “Jason Gronberg.” A friend of mine. He passed away in November. One of my favorite memories of Jason. 19. “Napoleon.” One of my favorite sparring partners in Age of Empires III. Except forContinue reading “On March’s Greatest Hits”

On Across the Universe Musings

I stopped by Best Buy yesterday afternoon. I saw online that they had special swag for the DVD release of Across the Universe. Naturally, I was interested. 🙂 It’s a good week for Across the Universe. Monday was Across the Univere Day — NASA beamed the song, “Across the Universe” at Polaris. Tuesday, the DVDContinue reading “On Across the Universe Musings”

On “Across the Universe Day”

On Tuesday the DVD of Across the Universe hits stores. I needed to see that film the way I need oxygen, and for the most part I enjoyed the film. The soundtrack, at the very least, is one of the rare Beatles covers albums worth owning. It turns out that Tuesday, February 5th, is almostContinue reading “On “Across the Universe Day””

On Movie Sequel Musings

Yesterday some reader out there punched four words into Google, and to this website she — or possibly he — came. What information might that nameless reader have wanted to know about? “Across the Universe sequel.” I mostly enjoyed Across the Universe. I picked up the two-disc soundtrack, and I’m looking forward to the DVDContinue reading “On Movie Sequel Musings”

On the Across the Universe Soundtrack

Lunch break. Best Buy. The Across the Universe 2-disc soundtrack. Mine! My precious! Err… I’m listening to Bono doing “I am the Walrus” and it’s… good! Now, Eddie Izzard is doing “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” I am content. I am more than content. I am splendiforous! 🙂 This movie had so betterContinue reading “On the Across the Universe Soundtrack”

On Recent Purchases

I went out today looking for the soundtrack to Across the Universe. According to Interscope’s website, the CD went on sale yesterday — odd, considering it’s a Friday instead of the traditional Tuesday — only I couldn’t find it anywhere. And in any event, I wanted the special edition exclusive to Best Buy — supposedly,Continue reading “On Recent Purchases”

On Across the Universe

Before Spider-Man 3 there was a trailer for a film I’d never heard of before–Across the Universe. The trailer started to unspool–a young man, shaggy hair, sitting on a beach, a wry smile on his face, singing a Beatles song. “Girl,” from Rubber Soul. I love that song. Five seconds. The trailer had me. “Girl.”Continue reading “On Across the Universe”