On Offering Praise to Odin

There’s a comic from DC/Vertigo I’m really enjoying right now — Brian Woods’ Northlanders. It’s about Vikings, and it’s told in story arcs. The first trade paperback, Sven the Returned collects the first eight-issue story arc (for the budget price of ten dollars!), and it’s a pretty involving tale of a young man who leftContinue reading “On Offering Praise to Odin”

On Across the Universe Musings

I stopped by Best Buy yesterday afternoon. I saw online that they had special swag for the DVD release of Across the Universe. Naturally, I was interested. 🙂 It’s a good week for Across the Universe. Monday was Across the Univere Day — NASA beamed the song, “Across the Universe” at Polaris. Tuesday, the DVDContinue reading “On Across the Universe Musings”