AVP: The Alternate Beginning

Alien versus Predator‘s DVD package proudly proclaims on its front, “With an Alternate Beginning never shown in theaters!”


Don’t get excited. The alternate beginning is a roughly one-minute long pre-credits teaser that shows what happened the last time the Predators visited their Antarctic hunting grounds.

I thought it would have been in the deleted scenes, but it’s actually part of the DVD’s extended cut. Indeed, the alternate beginning is the only thing extended about the extended cut. I hoped for the rumored R-rated cut of the film, and I imagine that we may well see that at some point down the line.

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2 thoughts on “AVP: The Alternate Beginning

  1. WEll, I think you’ve saved me a purchase on that..unless I find it in a used bin like I did Starsky & Hutch last week for $2.50…I can usualy get $2.50 of enjoyment out of most films.

  2. Ah, Starsky & Hutch.

    I don’t normally like Ben Stiller. A few months ago, when opening our store in Wake Forest, I popped the store’s copy into the DVD player and watched away while merchandising and gutting product. It wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s not something I’d buy for myself, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

    ‘Course, the funniest thing I watched during that fun week was a South Park DVD, “Insults to Injuries.” Oh, baby! “Scott Tenorman Must Die” may be the single most disturbing episode of South Park. It’s not funny, and for a good fifteen or twenty minutes I thought to myself, “Damn, but Cartman is getting schooled by this kid, and we’re going to have some sort of moral about the perils of revenge.” Indeed, it’s deadly serious. But in the final minutes, when Eric Cartman reveals himself as a maniacal super-genius on par with Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Hank Scorpio, and Hannibal Lecter, that the episode redeems itself in all of its sick, twisted glory.

    And Todd, glad I could save you about twenty dollars. AVP is a film I want in my collection, because I like the Alien films, but the DVD itself is nothing special. Actually, the way it’s packed with ads annoys the hell out of me.

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