A Yard Sale Find

It’s Yard Sale Saturday in Dallastown.  At least every other block, there’s a yard sale.

I stopped at most every one I passed, took a glance, said a few words of hello to the hosts, and moved on.  You get glimpses into people’s lives — the Hello Kitty collection here, the Hilary Duff CD collection there; the cigar box collection here, the Glenn Beck library there.

At one, a boy was selling hot dogs.  A dollar apiece.  I told him I’d take two.  I chatted with his family for several minutes.  They were new-ish to Dallastown. They had a brown lab that I gave jitters.

Near the cemetery at the edge of town was a garage sale with books.  I will always pick through books. Maybe I’ll find something unusual or rare.

I found the novelization for the Jack the Ripper miniseries starring Michael Caine.  I didn’t even know this existed — and it has four endings!  The condition isn’t what I like, but it was 3 for a dollar, so I picked up two other paperbacks that I’ll dispose of.

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