Buying Harrisburg Senators Baseball Cards

Today I bought baseball cards. I was in Harrisburg today for the Senators game, and it was steamy — 90-plus degrees and 1500% humidity. I’m not exaggerating on the humidity. A sauna would have been less moist than City Island today. The Senators were playing the Trenton Thunder today. I noted on Twitter… The lastContinue reading “Buying Harrisburg Senators Baseball Cards”

On Not Being a Nationals Blogger

On Twitter two days ago, I was called “a Nationals blogger.” By Nationals, meaning the Washington Nationals, of course. I am not a Nationals blogger. Don’t think of myself that way at all. But I was also thrilled that someone else would think of me in that way. Nationals blogger. I have, however, made someContinue reading “On Not Being a Nationals Blogger”