An Invitation

The invitation came in the mail last week, for the dedication of the Clinton Presidential Library. A few years ago I received a letter asking for donations, and having some extra money at the time I sent a check, and since then I’ve received more fundraising letters, but not having much money the one I responded to was the one selling the Clinton Presidential Foundation Cookbook. It was an expensive cookbook–seventy-five dollars–but it made a nice Christmas present for my mother last year.

The dedication of the library falls in November, on the 18th. As that falls a week before Thanksgiving, though, I put the idea of attending the dedication out of mind–it’s a nice idea, but an unrealistic one, given that I work retail and a week before Thanksgiving is part of the Christmas business season.

My supervisor thinks otherwise. I presented the idea to him yesterday, in a “You’re going to say no, but…” way. He took the idea of attending the dedication in stride, called it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and if I really and truly wanted to go we would work out the details to make sure it would happen.

Now I have to give some real consideration to attending.

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  1. I would be more than happy to donate to you for the Library dedication. You may contact me at the above email should you be interested.

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