On Beady Eye’s First Single

A little more than a year ago, Oasis went its separate ways. Always a volatile group, the Gallagher brothers had finally had enough of one another, and Noel bolted.

In a few months, the first post-Oasis album from either of the Gallaghers will be out. Liam Gallagher has carried on with the last Oasis line-up, sans Noel, of course, and formed Beady Eye with an album due for release in the new year.

The band has made their first single, “Bring the Light,” available for a free download:

It’s an… odd song. It’s not a bad song, just an odd one and maybe a little underwhelming.

Oasis’ last album, Dig Out Your Soul, showed that Liam really did have the songwriting chops of his brother, with “Out of Time” as the prime example. Beady Eye’s first song is a bit simpler. If Oasis was Beatles-fueled, “Bring the Light” feels like even more of a throwback, back to Jerry Lee Lewis or Buddy Holly or Roy Orbison, albeit with the massed sonic attack that Oasis typically bring to their material. The lyrics aren’t anything to write home about. Even the riff doesn’t stick in the mind. Ultimately, it’s not a very memorable song.

Still, if you loved Oasis, the song is free, so why not give it a shot?

Now I’m curious what Noel’s post-Oasis debut with sound like.

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One thought on “On Beady Eye’s First Single

  1. Allyn, I always had a hard time listening to Oasis. I would get distracted by playing “Spot the Lift” every time I heard a fragment of music that had obviously been lifted from the work of other artist. As you can imagine, this occured every other line or so. I was so busy asking myself, “Wait, wasn’t that Bowie?” that I couldn’t focus on the song as a whole. Bless ’em and all for having good enough taste to steal from great bands, but I never loved -them- as a band. As awful reality show-style personalities, on the other hand, they entertained the socks off me. 🙂

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