On the Death of Smurfs

The UN agency UNICEF has made a public service commerical in which Smurf village is carpet-bombed.

See for yourself.

From the article:

The short film pulls no punches. It opens with the Smurfs dancing, hand-in-hand, around a campfire and singing the Smurf song. Bluebirds flutter past and rabbits gambol around their familiar village of mushroom- shaped houses until, without warning, bombs begin to rain from the sky.

Tiny Smurfs scatter and run in vain from the whistling bombs, before being felled by blast waves and fiery explosions. The final scene shows a scorched and tattered Baby Smurf sobbing inconsolably, surrounded by prone Smurfs.

The final frame bears the message: “Don’t let war affect the lives of children.”

What’s the world coming to? Not even Smurfs are safe from the terrors of war. That’s just fucked up.

7 thoughts on “On the Death of Smurfs

  1. heh, Bill. Jokey was always my favorite!

    Fucked up, I agree, but I can’t help but think the Smurfs were asking for it, what with their blatant smurfing of smurfs smurf!

  2. When I see Baby Smurf hit with shrapnel and crying in the midst of the destruction of the Smurf village, I can’t help but come to one conclusion.

    The terrorists actually have one. 😥

  3. Bah, damn alcohol. “Won” was I meant to say. 😳

    Although if the terrorists do have Smurfs this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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