On Writing a Podcast Script

Today I wrote my first podcast script.

I mentioned about two months ago that I was considering starting a podcast when I relaunch my website in the coming months.

(By the way, there’s nothing wrong with my website that requires a relaunch, except that I have to move it to another server, so why not spiff it up and give it a new look?)

Since I’m laid up this weekend with a nasty, unproductive, and very painful cough, accompanied by a drop in my vocal register that makes me sound a bit like Jon Pertwee, I fired up Microsoft Word this afternoon and started writing up the script for the first episode of the podcast.

Some of it I could write from memory. Some of it needed Wikipedia’s help to get the details right. And some of it cribbed from a post here on the blog (though I won’t say which one). With a break for dinner, in two hours I hammered out a first draft of four pages and a little shy of 1,000 words. I wrote it in screenplay format because it was convenient.

I’ll look at it again either tomorrow or Tuesday. There’s something very obvious for this introductory episode that I’ve just realized I missed almost entirely, and the episode’s closing needs to better tie into its opening. It’s not perfect, it’s not right, but it’s there. Because it’s there it can be edited and rewritten; no writer can edit words that don’t exist. 😉

I’m not sure when I’ll record it, but probably not until I have five scripts in the can. My intention is for this to be a weekly podcast of roughly ten minutes’ duration, so I’d like to work ahead so that I have that material there. :h2g2:

Still to come, I must design a logo. I have some ideas for what I want, but they’re still a little vague and amorphous.

As for what the podcast is, well, I’m going to keep that one close to my vest for the time being. It’s something a little unusual and, maybe, a little unexpected. It’s also something that interests me — and may well interest others. I will state that it’s not fannish, nor is it or political.

I think it will be fun. And really, that‘s what matters. 🙂

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