More Thoughts on This Week

Keith DeCandido wrote in response to someone else whose name I forget: Not to defend the guy, but he’s sort of right. In 1941, Hawaii wasn’t really “American soil.” They were a U.S. territory, yes, but not a state. It was still part of the United States. The fact that it wasn’t a state yetContinue reading “More Thoughts on This Week”

On the Icarus and the Kzin

If you accept Star Trek: The Animated Series you have the Kzin attacking Earth almost simultaneously with the Vulcans’ arrival in Montana. And if you accept the UNSS Icarus mission to Alpha Centauri, you have that ship making contact with the native Centaurans before the Vulcans pass though the Sol system. Putting Star Trek: FirstContinue reading “On the Icarus and the Kzin”

On Nuclear War in the Star Trek Universe

Nuclear war happened in the Star Trek universe. “Encounter at Farpoint” talks about the Post-Atomic Horror. Star Trek: First Contact tells us 600 million dead. But where? Asia and the Pacific Rim? Gone, reduced to radioactive slag. That makes sense, given what Q showed us of the court from the Post-Atomic Horror, and the factContinue reading “On Nuclear War in the Star Trek Universe”