Strange New Cybertronian Civilizations

Yesterday IDW Publishing announced their next Star Trek comic book crossover, Star Trek vs. Transformers. And, for a fun twist, it’s a crossover that uses the style and characters of Star Trek: The Animated Series, melding the Filmation Star Trek look of the 1970s with the Sunbow Animation Transformers look of the 1980s. According to … Continue reading Strange New Cybertronian Civilizations

Thoughts on the Star Trek Beyond Trailer

I like it. The first trailer, for a movie that’s out in seven months, doesn’t have to do a lot. The idea is to whet the appetite, to remind the viewer of who these characters are and the world they inhabit. That’s what the trailer for Star Trek Beyond does. Yes, it’s loud and brash … Continue reading Thoughts on the Star Trek Beyond Trailer

Harve Bennett: A Reminiscence

There is a generation for whom their Star Trek isn’t one of the television series. It’s the movies. Maroon jackets. Admiral Kirk. James Horner. “Of all the souls I have encountered…” Protomatter and Project Genesis. “My god, Bones, what have I done?” Humpback whales. “A double dumb-ass on you.” Born too late for the animated … Continue reading Harve Bennett: A Reminiscence

Building a Better Star Trek: Generations

It’s possible I’ve written about this on the blog before. Over the years, I’ve written about a great many things, and there’s some inevitable overlap. Recently on a mailing list discussion turned toward the Star Trek: The Next Gernation films, and I mentioned in passing my opinions of Star Trek: First Contact (I really don’t … Continue reading Building a Better Star Trek: Generations

Boldly Going Where No Word Salad Has Gone Before

Like everyone, I receive “word salad” spam. By “word salad,” I mean spam that uses words and phrases from other sources that go together and make sense to try and get past a Bayesian filter. I’ve just received a Star Trek word salad spam. This is a first. The subject line, as it arrived: Picard … Continue reading Boldly Going Where No Word Salad Has Gone Before

On Rethinking Some Old Star Trek

Some recent discussion on TrekBBS, specifically about the alternate possibilities Paramount considered for Star Trek: Generations, brought to mind something I wrote a decade ago (!) that reimagined Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s finale, “All Good Things…,” as a multi-generational crossover film event. In other words, what if Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, and Ronald D. … Continue reading On Rethinking Some Old Star Trek

On Ranking the Star Trek Directors

Science-fiction author John Scalzi ranks the Star Trek film directors for American Movie Classics’ website. Who’s best, who’s worst? Here’s Scalzi’s list (though without his commentary): Nick Meyer Leonard Nimoy Jonathan Frakes J.J. Abrams Robert Wise David Carson William Shatner Stuart Baird The problem I have with Scalzi’s list is that he’s confusing whether or … Continue reading On Ranking the Star Trek Directors