The Calculus of Future Comics Purchases

A few days ago I decided I just had to tackle the piles of graphic novels sitting on my living room table. I have reluctantly concluded I must go out and buy another bookcase; the question then will be, where will it go? One of the graphic novels among the piles was Batman: Gotham byContinue reading “The Calculus of Future Comics Purchases”

Watchmen, Rebirth, and the DC Universe

When I saw the first trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, my reaction was, basically, “That looks as much like a sequel to Watchmen as it does a sequel to Man of Steel.” To be clear, by Watchmen, I’m referring to Zack Snyder’s 2009 movie based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ 1986Continue reading “Watchmen, Rebirth, and the DC Universe”

The Meaning of Superman

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice out next month, The Atlantic takes a look at Superman’s history and asks whether or not DC Comics and Warner Bros. understand how and why the character works. It’s not a spoiler to say that the article’s conclusion is that sometimes they do, but that mostly they don’t.Continue reading “The Meaning of Superman”

Things I’ve Been Reading: Batman Adventures Volume 2

Batman Adventures Volume 2 DC Comics Written by Kelley Puckett Art by Mike Parobeck and Rich Burchett If you were to ask me who my three favorite Batman artists were, you could make a decent guess at my age. Or at least, when I was really reading comic books. Those three artists would be JimContinue reading “Things I’ve Been Reading: Batman Adventures Volume 2”

Harlan Ellison’s Batman ’66: The Lost Episode

Batman ’66: The Lost Episode DC Comics Written by Len Wein, based on a television treatment by Harlan Ellison (inspired by “The Crimes of Two-Face” by Bill Finger) Art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez For the last two years, DC Comics has been publishing original comics based on the Adam West Batman television series, ranging fromContinue reading “Harlan Ellison’s Batman ’66: The Lost Episode”

Why Harlan Ellison’s Batman Story Isn’t “Lost”

At San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, DC Entertainment announced Batman ’66: The Lost Episode, an adaptation by Len Wein and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez of a Harlan Ellison story for the Adam West Batman television series that would have seen the Caped Crusader do battle with Two-Face. A Harlan Ellison-penned story for Batman? you say. HowContinue reading “Why Harlan Ellison’s Batman Story Isn’t “Lost””

Robin Rises Omega

Robin Rises Omega DC Entertainment Written by Peter Tomasi Art by Andy Kubert and Jonathan Glapion Several years ago, Grant Morrison introduced comics audiences to Batman’s son, Damian Wayne. The product of an encounter with Talia al Ghul, the daughter of long-time foe Ra’s al Ghul, Damian had been raised by Talia and trained inContinue reading “Robin Rises Omega”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1 IDW Publishing/DC comics Written by Chris Roberson Pencils by Jeffrey Moy Inks by Philip Moy A starship streaks by. Her lines are somewhat familiar — saucer, secondary hull with a navigational deflector, two cylindrical warp nacelles — but there are some details that are unusual — the saucer has aContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On the Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes Crossover

ADDED (10-22-2010): These are my pre-publication thoughts. My thoughts on the first issue itself can be found here. END This week, IDW Publishing made me very happy. At San Diego Comic-Con, they announced that, with DC Comics, they will be publishing a Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover by novelist Chris Roberson and artist Jeffrey Moy:Continue reading “On the Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes Crossover”