The Hero Sesame Street Needs

I believe I have found my Platonic ideal of a desktop wallpaper. Super Grover! How can one go wrong with Super Grover? The hero Sesame Street both needs and deserves! And whatever mishaps he gets into, whatever destruction head leaves in his wake, Commissioner Gordon will be right nearby to say, “Covered it.” I jest,Continue reading “The Hero Sesame Street Needs”

Strange New Cybertronian Civilizations

Yesterday IDW Publishing announced their next Star Trek comic book crossover, Star Trek vs. Transformers. And, for a fun twist, it’s a crossover that uses the style and characters of Star Trek: The Animated Series, melding the Filmation Star Trek look of the 1970s with the Sunbow Animation Transformers look of the 1980s. According toContinue reading “Strange New Cybertronian Civilizations”

This Year’s Angel Tree Package

Last week was… not the best. I should clarify. It wasn’t bad. It was simply stressful. And hectic. And tense. And all of the things that a week that where the catalog and orders go to press usually is. Thankfully, the week ended with the Nerd Prom — the Employee Appreciation Party (or the ChristmasContinue reading “This Year’s Angel Tree Package”

The Itch to Build

In my closet there’s an ammunition crate, painted red. It’s where I keep my LEGO bricks. There are LEGO bricks in that crate that are older than some of my coworkers. No, I’m not kidding. There are some LEGO boat pieces (that float on water) that I know date from the late 1970s, and IContinue reading “The Itch to Build”

Artistically Beatles

It’s safe to say that I have more Beatles cover albums in my collection than official Beatles albums.  (I have to make that distinction, as I have a nice sized collection of bootleg albums.)  And over the years, I’ve bought some absolute junk. I have no idea when I picked up Vincent DiCola’s Artistically Beatles. Continue reading “Artistically Beatles”

On the Angel Tree Package

I mentioned a few days ago that I was putting together an Angel Tree package at the office. I talked about that here. Tonight I finished wrapping the thing, and tomorrow I’m going to take it to the office. MY work will be done. The tag I picked off the tree was for a sevenContinue reading “On the Angel Tree Package”

On the KRE-O Transformers Sets

Yesterday afternoon, a couple of us from work went to Target on our lunch break. While wandering around the store, I found myself back in the Toys section, looking at the LEGO sets they had. And there I saw the KRE-O Transformers sets. Hasbro has created a LEGO-compatible building system called KRE-O, and they’ve doneContinue reading “On the KRE-O Transformers Sets”

On Seeing Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Last week at work I won tickets to an advance screening tonight of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third film in Michael Bay’s trilogy of films based on the popular Hasbro toys and the mid-80s cartoon series. Growing up as I did in the 1980s, I watched the cartoon religiously. The Autobots, the Decepticons,Continue reading “On Seeing Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

On Fandom Fights

When I first read about Star Wars Transformers, I thought they would be the coolest toys ever. Imagine Rebel Alliance ships turning in Autobots! Imagine Imperial ships turning into Decepticons! In some weird, alternate reality, Rodimus Prime is a B-Wing fighter, and Galvatron is a TIE-Interceptor. And that would be awesome. Naturally, Star Wars TransformersContinue reading “On Fandom Fights”

On New Doctor Who Comics

IDW, published of comics based on Star Trek and the Transformers, has picked up the comics license for Doctor Who. Announced at San Diego Comicon yesterday, the series will star the tenth Doctor and Martha and will debut later in the year, written by Doctor Who novelist Gary Russell and with art by Nick Roche.Continue reading “On New Doctor Who Comics”