Star Wars Monopoly and the Merchandising of Rey

Over the past twenty-four hours, I’ve seen a number of people, some friends, some not, outraged by Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Monopoly set because it doesn’t include a player token for Rey. For background on the story, see this article in The Guardian. For an example of the outrage, see this Gizmodo article.Continue reading “Star Wars Monopoly and the Merchandising of Rey”

Who Is Supreme Leader Snoke?

Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Radio Times delves into the soundtracks for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Revenge of the Sith, and they notice something interesting. The Force Awakens‘ shadowy villain, Supreme Leader Snoke, has a familiar motif, one that first appeared in Revenge of the Sith. It’s the motif that plays when SenatorContinue reading “Who Is Supreme Leader Snoke?”

Feelings on the Star Wars Trailer

A trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens dropped today: It’s nice. I smiled while watching it, and seeing Harrison Ford at the end certainly filled me with some excitement. Enough excitement to go see it? Perhaps not. Here’s the thing. The Star Wars series has always been something I’ve liked, but notContinue reading “Feelings on the Star Wars Trailer”

On Defending The Phantom Menace

Yesterday, writer Peter David blogged that he took his daughter to see Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3-D and… she liked it. She really liked it. His reaction to his daughter’s reaction? “Holy crap. Holy freaking crap.” I know it’s fashionable for people to pile on The Phantom Menace, but I won’t. IContinue reading “On Defending The Phantom Menace”

On Volkswagen’s Star Wars Commercial and the Girl Vader

I drive a Volkswagen Beetle. It makes me very happy, though I’d be happier if the CD player didn’t skip. Volkswagen has always made fabulous commercials. I remember vividly the Cabrio commercial that introduced millions to “Pink Moon” and the work of Nick Drake. And, of course, there’s this one. Many people have seen thisContinue reading “On Volkswagen’s Star Wars Commercial and the Girl Vader”

On LEGO Star Wars: The Novel

On TrekBBS, there’s a discussion asking Star Trek authors if they would like to write Star Wars novels. Said I in reply: I would absolutely write a Star Wars comic or novel. In fact, I know the approach I’d take, and the setting I’d use. It would be mental. Abso-fucking-lutely mental. And hilarious. Did IContinue reading “On LEGO Star Wars: The Novel”

On Fandom Fights

When I first read about Star Wars Transformers, I thought they would be the coolest toys ever. Imagine Rebel Alliance ships turning in Autobots! Imagine Imperial ships turning into Decepticons! In some weird, alternate reality, Rodimus Prime is a B-Wing fighter, and Galvatron is a TIE-Interceptor. And that would be awesome. Naturally, Star Wars TransformersContinue reading “On Fandom Fights”