On Reviewing Comment Spam

I’ve spent the last hour going through recent comment spam. Most every blog is subject to comment spam in some form or another. Basically, rogue computers will try and place random comments on blogs that have little, if anything, to do with the post they’re commenting on. The comments will then link back to someContinue reading “On Reviewing Comment Spam”

On a Winter Wonderland

It’s December 23rd. It’s foggy, and it’s rainy. It should be a winter wonderland, shouldn’t it? Snow and trees and snow, right? Well, it can be. On my blog, anyway. Brian Gardner, who designed the Vertigo Blue theme I’ve been using for a while now, released last year a Christmas theme for WordPress called “Wonderland.”Continue reading “On a Winter Wonderland”

On Dealing With Content Theft

In late October I discovered that someone was plagiarising my blog posts on a website, reason unknown. The website looked to have dozens of others’ contents, presumably to game Google’s page-ranks or somesuch. I could have shrugged. Seriously, how do you fight that shit? I sent him an invoice. I’m handy with a computer. IContinue reading “On Dealing With Content Theft”

On Prepping for the Next Upgrade

On Monday the new version of WordPress drops, and being the bleeding-edge person that I am it’s inevitable that Monday I’ll download WordPress 2.3 and break lots of shit when I upgrade. 😆 No, seriously. I’m not planning on upgrading immediately this time around. I still have nightmares of the 2.1 upgrade — that brokeContinue reading “On Prepping for the Next Upgrade”