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From Godwin to Scotland.

It’s a live album from one of my favorite bands, Carbon Leaf. It’s the recording of a concert they gave at Mills Godwin High School in Richmond as a fundraiser for the school’s drama club to go on a trip to Scotland.

I think that maybe 200 of these CDs were pressed. In other words, it’s kinda rare.

I’ve mentioned the album once before.

Suddenly, I have several people a day coming through looking for information on it.

I like the album. There’s a nice instrumental jam that reminds me of the band I used to see on weekends in Richmond. It has an unpolished feel to it — long instrumental passages and bridges litter the album, instead of the tight, polished songs as they appear on the studio albums. It’s about half Ether-Electrified Porch Music, half Echo Echo. Considering that I like Ether-Electrified more than Echo Echo (that one has grown on me over the years, but it’s maybe a little too polished), From Godwin to Scotland appeals to me. Great stuff, just great stuff.

No, dear readers, I am absolutely not parting with my copy of From Godwin to Scotland. And no, I doubt very much that you’ll be able to find your own copy of the album any more.

S. O. L. Just sayin’, is all. 😉

The other thing I’ve noticed recently…

Someone accessed this website, using a PSP! 🙂

I knew, months ago, that when I installed the plug-in pack to make the website accessible to the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo Wii, and the Sony PSP that they were unlikely to ever be used by readers more than once or twice. The plug-ins generate a differently formatted page for those mobile platforms — no Stonehenge graphic, no unwieldy sidebars, just the content.

To be honest, I don’t actually know what a person would see when accessing the website via PSP. So I’m taking it on faith that it’s going to be easier to read on a PSP screen than what people normally see. 🙂

(So, if you’re out there reading, PSP person, drop me a line and let me know what you saw. I’m curious if it actually, y’know, worked.)

One final note. Can anyone explain the search phrase “NPR smells migraine”? My brain just isn’t parsing that one.

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3 thoughts on “On This and That

  1. Just found a copy of “From Godwin to Scotland” on eBay and received it yesterday. Great live stuff (isn’t it all). The studio song “Breaking Free” is unpolished……and wonderful.

  2. Well, hard times lead to hard decisions. I have a copy of From Godwin to Scotland I’m willing to part with.

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