On Hillary Clinton’s Future

Politics is a strange and mysterious game. 🙂 In the hours after Barack Obama’s pick of Joe Biden to be his running mate, the McCain campaign released an attack ad that criticized Obama for not choosing his primary campaign rival, Hillary Clinton, as his running mate. I’ve also seen speculation in the past forty-eight hoursContinue reading “On Hillary Clinton’s Future”

On Presidential Primary Thoughts

I’ve said very little about the ongoing primary battle between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the past few weeks. The reason’s fairly simple — I don’t have a horse in this race. Maryland voted weeks ago, and I didn’t vote for either candidate. But whichever candidate receives the Democratic Party’s nomination in NovemberContinue reading “On Presidential Primary Thoughts”

On My Grandmother and Politics

Years ago I hated having any sort of political discussion with my grandmother. I won’t say that I was then the raving progressive that I am today; over the past decade my politics have moved steadily — and progressively — to the left. It’s not a reaction to the Bush Crime Syndicate, per se, butContinue reading “On My Grandmother and Politics”

On Rescinding the President's War Powers

Senators Hillary Clinton of New York and Robert Byrd of West Virginia will be introducing legislation to rescind the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), the legislation that allowed the invasion of Iraq, in October 2007 on the fifth anniversary of the AUMF’s initial passage. From Senator Clinton’s speech on the SenateContinue reading “On Rescinding the President's War Powers”

On the Minimum Wage

Senator Hillary Clinton of New York introduced a bill last week, the Standing with Minimum Wage Workers Act of 2006, that would provide for an increase in the federal minimum wage, from its current $5.15 an hour to $7.25 an hour within two years and then index future minimum wage increases to Congressional pay raises.Continue reading “On the Minimum Wage”