On Grandmothers and Eight Year-Olds

We’ll start with an eight year-old. I’ve never recommended a YouTube video. More than likely I never will again. But if you hate Bill O’Reilly, watch this eight year-old spout sense that would do Keith Olbermann proud. I’ll put it like this. My jaw hit the desk a few times. You go, girl! Now, myContinue reading “On Grandmothers and Eight Year-Olds”

Emergency Road Trip II

In an hour my grandmother and I are leaving Raleigh, heading back north to Baltimore. The plan seems to be this–drive to Rocky Mount, pay a visit to Gertrude at the hospital, stay a half an hour tops, then up I-95 to Baltimore. Leave at ten, should arrive in Baltimore somewhere in the vicinity ofContinue reading “Emergency Road Trip II”

Emergency Road Trip

Yesteday I made an emergency trip to Baltimore. Saturday morning my mother called me at work. “What does your Sunday schedule look like?” she wanted to know. Her aunt–my grandmother’s ninety year-old sister–was in the hospital in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She had fallen a few days earlier and broken her hip. Someone needed toContinue reading “Emergency Road Trip”