On Completely Nerdy Knowledge

On Friday I mentioned how Snoopy made his annual report to the Head Beagle in a Peanuts strip that ran on Sunday the 4th of January, 1970. That date, it nagged me in the back of my mind yesterday and today. And then, this morning, I realized what’s so important about that date. I justContinue reading “On Completely Nerdy Knowledge”

On “Beautiful Dreamer”

Sometimes, the depths of my ignorance surprise me. In this instance, the song “Beautiful Dreamer” by Stephen Foster. Like, doubtless, a good many people, I knew it from Danny Elfman’s Batman score; he used the melody as the Joker’s “love theme” for Vicki Vale. And I’ve been known to whistle it or hum it inContinue reading “On “Beautiful Dreamer””

On “Carnival of Light”

There are a couple of unreleased Beatles tracks that fans have been wanting to hear for forty-plus years. Holy Grails, basically. Tracks like the 27-minute “Helter Skelter.” Or tracks worked on during the “reunion” sessions in 1994 and 1995 like “All For Love” and “Now and Then.” And then there’s “Carnival of Light.” It’s aContinue reading “On “Carnival of Light””

On Paul McCartney and Israel

What the hell is wrong with the world? A Muslim preacher, Omar Bakri, has threatened Paul McCartney if he performs, as planned, in Tel Aviv later in the month in a concert celebrating Israel’s 60th anniversary: If he values his life, Mr. McCartney must not come to Israel. He will not be safe there. TheContinue reading “On Paul McCartney and Israel”

On the Beatles Remasters and Compilations

Long rumored, it appears that the Beatles back catalogue is finally being released in a remastered form. The next issue of MOJO says sometime in 2009. I’ve long been a proponent of a remastered Beatles catalog. The original albums — from Please Please Me to Let It Be — on CD were done in 1987,Continue reading “On the Beatles Remasters and Compilations”

On a Strange Beatles Experience

And now, for something completely different… I’ve made a bizarre musical discovery. As long-time Allynologists know, I love The Beatles. As soon as I have a frame for my poster of A Hard Day’s Night, that’s going up in the stairwell. I have over sixty hours of Beatles music on my hard drive. (To putContinue reading “On a Strange Beatles Experience”

On Paperback Writer

It sometimes surprises me, given the cultural signifance of the Beatles, that there’s not more fiction devoted to the Beatles than there is. There’s a few novels — Liverpool Fantasy stands out — and some short stories, like Ian MacLeod’s “Snodgrass” and Stephen Baxter’s “The Twelfth Album.” Curiously, all of these novels are alternate historiesContinue reading “On Paperback Writer”