On the Tea Party and Their Place in History

Just when I think politics can’t get any stranger, a Congressional candidate in Alabama seems to be advocating armed rebellion. What bothers me is the bewildering lack of historical understanding on display here. Railing against a progressive income tax? Thomas Paine was in favor; read The Rights of Man where he devotes an entire chapter.Continue reading “On the Tea Party and Their Place in History”

On Video Viewing For Your Wednesday

Get your Wednesday started with some public service announcements or campaign commercials! 🙂 Because it needs to be said: Don’t drunk-dial FreedomWorks: That was the voice of GEICO. No, not the gecko. The other voice of GEICO. Next up… This commercial for Dale Peterson, candidate for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner, is beyond awesome! “We’re Republicans! WeContinue reading “On Video Viewing For Your Wednesday”