More on Some Reading and Writing

A week ago, I read Nick Hornby’s screenplay for An Education, the new film starring Carey Mulligan and Peter Saarsgard. I liked it, I was entertained by the screenplay, and I’m looking forward to seeing the film at some nebulous point in the future, and… Well, there’s a but. The “but” is that it suffersContinue reading “More on Some Reading and Writing”

On Writing and Reading

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year. Sort of. National Novel Writing Month is a bit of literary insanity where people of all literary skill levels try to write 50,000 words in a single month. Specifically, the month of November. I’m not planning on using the month to break ground on a new novel. I’m going toContinue reading “On Writing and Reading”

On Nick Hornby’s An Education

I stopped by Amazon today, to check on the status of an order. Normally, I don’t look at the recommendations on the first page, though it did amuse me that Amazon was recommending that I buy a copy of Grand Designs, especially as I wrote the first story in the volume. 🙂 Today, however, IContinue reading “On Nick Hornby’s An Education”