On the Ivor Novello Awards

Winners for the Ivor Novello Awards, which celebrate songwriting, have been announced. Though Elbow was nominated for Best Song Musically and Lyrically for “One Day Like This,” I really was pulling for The Leisure Society’s “Last of the Melting Snow.” They’re an unsigned band, and the song is just brilliant. I love that song It’sContinue reading “On the Ivor Novello Awards”

On Leisure Society and the Ivor Novello Award

Lately, I’ve had a rash of search hits, of various phrasings, looking for the lyrics to the Leisure Society’s song, “The Last of the Melting Snow.” I bought their album, The Sleeper, about a month ago, and I’ve really been taken by it. It’s my innate Anglophilia, no doubt. 🙂 The upswing in interest mayContinue reading “On Leisure Society and the Ivor Novello Award”