On Modifying Vertigo

After getting several e-mails and comments from readers asking how I did this or made that work with the Vertigo theme for WordPress, I’ve decided to share the modifications. This ZIP file contains six files — modified versions of functions.php, index.php, and comments.php for the Vertigo 3-Column theme, index.php for Vertigo 2-Column, and a TagContinue reading “On Modifying Vertigo”

On Making More Website Changes

It was time. Three months ago I implemented a radical redesign of the website. After pouring over usage statistics I noticed several broad patterns of the way readers, like yourself, were interacting with the content here. First, there was a core group of readers who hit the website regularly. Second, there were drive-by readers whoContinue reading “On Making More Website Changes”

On Fiddling with WordPress

Wednesday I decided it was time. WordPress 2.5 wasn’t officially released, but there was a release candidate available. The WordPress Podcast said that, as best they could tell, it was stable and probably good to go. And I’m a tinkerer. Even if that means taking my blog’s sanity into my own hands. I upgraded toContinue reading “On Fiddling with WordPress”