On Today's Weird Search Phrase

I am a stats fiend. I admit it, anyone who knows me knows I know numbers. Since I installed the Automattic Stats plug-in for WordPress I’ve been getting lots of really interesting data. It’s no trouble at all to just fire up the WordPress admin screens and take a look at how many hits I’ve had so far that day, what the top ten search phrases are, etc. Real time stats. 🙂

After months of not being able to see, with any sort of ease, why people were coming by, suddenly I know lots of reasons why people are coming by. Some people want to know really looney stuff. Why did someone come by yesterday? He wanted to know:

presidents of the united states that loved lego

I have no idea on this one, sorry. Fortunately, it’s not looney, either. 😉

I could see Bill Clinton working with LEGO. I can imagine that when he was the governor of Arkansas and his daughter Chelsea was young he’d sit around with her and build LEGO stuff. Prior Presidents would have been too old, and I think DUPLO blocks would be beyond the comprehension of the current resident, “the commander guy.”

Of the current candidates for President, I can see John Edwards working with LEGO. Barack Obama, too. No idea on the Republican side.

Does that answer your question, intrepid searcher?

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