On Impeachment

The media has begun polling on the question of whether or not President Bush should be impeached.

I was on that bandwagon early. I got my first “Impeach Bush” tee-shirts back in 2003. Been on that bandwagon a long time.

Here’s something interesting. More Americans are in favor of Bush impeachment hearings today than they were at the time that the House Judiciary Committee took up the issue with President Clinton in 1998. By ten percentage points.

Impeaching Clinton was never popular with the public. As Los Angeles writer Linda Milazzo writes: “In 1998, thousands upon thousands of Americans DIDN’T call, write, fax and visit their elected leaders every day imploring them to impeach Bill Clinton. Millions of citizens DIDN’T believe that the rest of the world wanted Bill Clinton impeached. Groups of citizen activists DIDN’T band together to camp out at their Representatives’ homes and District Offices for days, sometimes weeks, holding “Impeach Bill Clinton” signs and wearing “Impeach Bill Clinton” T-shirts. Thousands of cars DIDN’T bear “Impeach Bill Clinton” bumper stickers.

“Nope. That DIDN’T happen.”

Going by the polls, it looks like impeaching Bush is popular with the public. Approval ratings in the tanks. I’ve seen dozens of books in the bookstore on the subject.

Methinks it’s time to pull out those tee-shirts. The bandwagon’s catching up to me…

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One thought on “On Impeachment

  1. I have wondered whether the Liberal party has decided that it’s better to leave Bush in power and digging himself deeper into the hole he’s made, possibly taking his party with him. Then come next election they’d be able to put up a deaf three-legged dog for president and win.

    Or maybe I’m way off. 🙂

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