On John Edwards’ Address to the Nation

An e-mail I received today from the John Edwards presidential campaign. Tonight, he’ll be addressing the nation on MSNBC following the President’s speech about Iraq and the report General Petreaus delivered to Congress.

John Edwards '08

Tonight, after President Bush makes yet another argument for continuing the war in Iraq, John Edwards will speak directly to the American people in a nationwide address on MSNBC.

Our campaign has bought airtime on MSNBC immediately following the President’s address at 9 p.m., and John Edwards will challenge the President’s remarks with a strong call to the nation to end the war now.

Please watch in that timeframe—and forward this e-mail to your friends, asking them to watch as well. Each of us has a responsibility to make sure that President Bush and Congress understand that the time for excuses has run out. John Edwards will deliver a strong message tonight on our behalf. It’s time to end this war and bring our troops home.

Buying this kind of airtime is expensive. But we believe that President Bush’s address must be countered with a strong voice in opposition to the failed policies that have kept our troops in harm’s way for far too long. Tonight, John Edwards will continue to lead, and make the case to the nation that we cannot wait for an election to change course in Iraq—we as citizens must make Washington understand that the time to end this war is now.

Don’t miss John’s address tonight on MSNBC, immediately following the President.

President Bush will be on every network for free tonight. Our campaign will have to pay for the time on MSNBC so that John Edwards can challenge the President’s failed policies. Please consider making a contribution to the campaign—to help us meet the costs of paying for tonight’s address—and to help John’s campaign continue to grow.


Thanks for all you do,

–Joe Trippi
  Senior Advisor, John Edwards for President
  September 13, 2007

Whatever your thoughts on Edwards, whichever your party loyalties are, the fact is — we have to get out of Iraq. The President’s policies have failed. Anyone who says otherwise has their fingers in their ears.

Watch John Edwards.

ETA: Anyone who missed Edwards’ address last night can catch it here, on Edwards’ YouTube page.

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