On the Blame Game

I see on several friends’ blogs and LJs a new game. The meme: Type “[[your name]] looks like” into Google (with the quotes), and post as many results as you like.

Well, I want to play a different game. The Blame Game.

Same rules. But instead, we’ll punch the phrase “blame [[Name]]” into Google (and in my case, Yahoo!, as I don’t get a lot of hits on “blame Allyn”), and see what comes up.

Here goes!

  1. I repectfully disagree with the notion that ours is capitalist society so we should not blame Allyn for taking the $$$ and stab his fellow Americans in the back. I am tired of seeing opportunism being elevated to a virtue in this country.
  2. We can all blame Allyn for getting there early before it started.
  3. I don’t blame Allyn or Michele for the way my parents treated them, but it has been a source of perpetual hurt to watch them get handed many of the things I worked for (especially Michele).
  4. Back into action (let’s blame Allyn)

Number one is a company. Number two, no idea. Number three is a young woman. Number four, I’m thinking it’s a guy.

Not a lot of people blaming Allyn. :lol:

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