On Shakespearean Dreams

My dream began in a school auditorium. Seats were the hard wooden pull-down type. Nothing special. The auditorium was packed. My former boss was there. So, too, was Arrested Development star Jason Bateman. The speaker took the stage. The audience stood. We began to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. “I pledge allegiance to the flag…”Continue reading “On Shakespearean Dreams”

On the Backyard Bricks

From upstairs I heard yelling. My grandmother was yelling about something. She’d been quiet all day long — she hadn’t shown any interest in watching whatever race was on FOX, instead she wanted to spend the day going through her box of cancelled checks from twenty years ago. (Among those checks, by the way, isContinue reading “On the Backyard Bricks”

On Sousaphone Hero

We’ve all heard of Guitar Hero. At least, if we’re into video games, we’ve heard of Guitar Hero. It’s a game, comes with a guitar-shaped controller, and depending on how well you work your axe determines your score. I don’t recommend anyone pull a Pete Townsend with a Guitar Hero controller. I’m just saying. Well,Continue reading “On Sousaphone Hero”